Moms We Love: Ashley of Mom Uptown

Ashley Mom Uptown

We’re so excited to kick off our Moms We Love series with Ashley, a mom blogger who calls herself “your typical thirty something married lady” and shares all things family, food and DIY on her Instagram and blog Mom Uptown. We love following along her adventures from the busy streets of NYC to the quiet, small town Connecticut life, as well as the endless. mouthwatering culinary inspiration!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a mom of two little girls with a baby boy on the way! I’m obsessed with my family, and have a major passion for writing and testing recipes. Cooking fills my cup, as does writing on my blog, where I cover mom life, curate gifts guides, (will eventually get back to) traveling with kids, and more!

2. During the pandemic, you moved your family from NYC to a little town in CT. What was the experience like?

There were so many mixed emotions. It was sad because we felt like we were pushed out of NYC. If it weren’t for the pandemic, we would still be there right now, but last spring, my husband lost his job and we spent a few hard months without even a balcony. We needed the change.

We are now more confident in our decision because the kids are so in love with the outdoors. This isn’t our forever home or town, though. Big changes this year or next!

3. We love the delicious recipes on your IG. Can you share some kitchen tips for moms who feel uninspired to cook after a long day of work/parenting?

I cook in stages! I plan out recipes a week in advance and prep throughout the day. I rarely make a recipe straight through. Nuts can be toasted, salmon can often be baked, and pie crusts can be prepped way before serving!

4. What does bedtime in your household look like?

My husband gives the girls baths most nights at 6 while I make us grown-ups dinner, and then from 6:30 – 7:00 they wind down with books!

My almost-two year old goes to bed promptly at 7, and my almost-four year old goes to bed soon after since they share a room, so usually between 7:30-7:45. That quiet time with my oldest is pretty sweet!

5. What is something you look forward to do when the pandemic is over?

I cannot wait to go out to a restaurant with my family! We used to always be out and about, taking the kids to restaurants all over NYC, exposing them to new places, people, and foods. Now, we haven’t dined inside or outside in over a year! 

[Credit: @mom_uptown taken by @jdzphotography]

You can follow Ashley on Instagram @mom_uptown and her blog Mom Uptown.

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