The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Pandemic

I think we can all agree that it has been a rough year for Moms everywhere. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it is the perfect time to show your love and appreciation for the maternal figures in your life.

Whether you live with Mom or she’s halfway across the country, you show your gratitude by picking out a thoughtful gift for her (even if she says she doesn’t need anything!). We got our founder and mom-of-four Shelly to share some of the gifts on her wishlist- we’re excited to share them with you!

1. Boxwalla Book Box

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas For The Pandemic

The perfect gift for the Mom who loves to read. This book box focuses on great writers from all over the world. both from the past and the present. Each bi-monthly box will contain two books with a detailed insert, showcasing both potential Nobel Laureates as well as hidden classics. (Boxwalla also has an amazing Food Shop if you want to make it a multi-sensorial gift!) 4-month (2 cycles) subscription / $59.90.

2. Piecework Puzzles

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas For The Pandemic

Puzzling is all the rage now, and your Mom will love this candlelit, baroque still life made into puzzle full of drama and rich colors. Made from 100% recycled paper, this 1000-piece puzzle will keep her occupied for days on end. (Bonus: Gift it with a bottle of wine that she can enjoy while working on this!) $36.

3. Bathing In Moonlight Gift Box

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas For The Pandemic

Because all Mom wants is an uninterrupted 30-minute soak in the bathtub. This limited edition box will immediately elevate her bath ritual, with Malaya Organics lavender vanilla bath salts and Midnight Melody, a multi-purpose oil for your body and hair. It also includes an ethically-sourced rose quartz stone believed to open the heart and restore harmony. $45.

4. Woodlot Essential Oil Candle

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas For The Pandemic

We promise it will be love at first scent for Mom with these Woodlot candles, made with organic coconut wax and essential oils sans synthetic fragrance. It comes in 6 different scent profiles (we are partial to Rose & Palo and Amour) and it burns for up to 4 hours. $28.

5. 54 Thrones BELDI Moroccan Body Mask

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas For The Pandemic

This will be the closest thing to a trip to Morocco for now, and your Mom will definitely appreciate this thoughtful gift. A simple yet luxurious soap used by Berber women for centuries to preserve healthy skin, it is made from saponified olive oil and Eucalyptus oil and naturally exfoliating and detoxifying. (Pair it with the Kessa exfoliating mitt to complete the set!) for $42.

6. I Get It From My Mama Gift Set

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas For The Pandemic

Pay your Mom the ultimate compliment with this Olive and Grey gift set, featuring a gold tea strainer, a brightening tencel sheet mask, a toffee brittle and a beautiful mug. Olive and Grey believes in delivering high-quality and hand-selected gifts that allow you to honor the people in your life while making it a stress-free process. $55.

7. Dwell Tea Gift Card

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas For The Pandemic

A Dwell Tea Co. gift card will allow Mom to pick her own organic and fair-trade tea blends to be enjoyed in the comfort of her own home. More than just tea, however, Dwell Tea Co. is a holistic lifestyle brand that also hosts (pre-COVID) community and collaborative events that are connected over tea. $25-50.

8. Kiss Kiss Goodnight Baby Essential Bundle

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas For The Pandemic

Last but definitely not least, our Kiss Kiss Goodnight Baby Essential Bundle contains full sizes of our products, including our Lullaby Cleanser, Sweet Whispers Lotion and Peace of Mind Balm. All of our plant-based, microbiome-friendly products are designed to be used by the entire family, so they’re good for babies and Mom too! $62 (during the Mother’s Day promo!).

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