Moms We Love: Rosdaly of @transparentcitymama

Next in our Moms We Love series is Rosdaly, a mom blogger and mental health advocate who is intentional about creating a safe space on social media for other moms. She describes herself as a “city girl born and raised in the Bronx” who shares transparent reflections on parenthood, mental health and Jesus. We love following her for her amazing product recommendations and unfiltered, candid look into motherhood in the city!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Rosdaly Ramirez, I’m a wife and mama to two boys. I live in NYC and I’m currently finishing my masters in social work. On the side I love blogging and sharing my motherhood journey via my Instagram and blog!

2. You had your second child during the pandemic. What has the experience been like?

It was bittersweet. Bitter since we couldn’t celebrate with family- half of our family still hasn’t met my son! I think a lot of fears and anxiety surrounded this season, but I’m thankful my husband worked from home and it made the transition from one to two a lot easier. 

3. What did you wish you knew about motherhood before you become a mom?

When I first became a mom I had no idea what to expect. I used to hear all the time that “you’ll just know what to do”, yet the phrase always made me feel like I was failing. The truth is that you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s a new title and some days you won’t know what to do. Parenting is a guessing game and oftentimes you’re really just wishing you made the right decision. So, if you find yourself not knowing what to do, that’s okay. You are no less of a mom because you don’t have all the answers. I wih more people would have told me that sometimes connecting with your baby will be hard or that postpartum anxiety/depression can change the way you feel as a mom.

I’m so honest and unfiltered about my journey because it’s the only way I was able to connect with other moms. It was nice to hear that some moms loved motherhood and their babies were so great, sleeping through the night, feeding well, they got self care time etc and yet… that wasn’t my case. I want to encourage mothers and make them feel seen.

4. What does bedtime in your household look like?

My husband and I take turns bathing the boys together. It’s my favorite part of the night, especially because they laugh so much. After bath I take the baby and he takes our toddler. Bedtime always feels like the hardest part. Some days both go down without a fight and other times one gets out of his room five times and the other is screaming to be comforted with my boobs. Ha! 

5. What is something you look forward to doing when the pandemic is over?

I look forward to being part of life again. As a city mom I’ve always traveled around the city. it’s been a year since I took  the train. I’m excited to take the boys to the park and zoo. Hopefully we can have a lot of family time away from the city also!

Moms We Love: Rosdaly of @transparentcitymama

You can follow Rosdaly on Instagram @transparentcitymama and her blog Rosdaly Ramirez.

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