Moms We Love: Dr. Pragati of @happyandwell and @shopnesara

Moms We Love: Dr. Pragati of HappyandWell and Nesara

Next in our Moms We Love series is Dr. Pragati, a Naturopathic doctor for kids and families and owner of Nesara, a line of house dresses inspired by her South Indian heritage. Her passion has always been working with children and her goal is to help parents raise healthy children. We love following her for her motherhood adventures and healthy living tips and she inspires us with the positivity that she radiates in her posts!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a mom of two (a one year old and a 4.5 year old), a Naturopathic doctor and most recently, founder of Nesara, a line of house dresses handmade by artisans in India. I wear a lot of different hats these days but each one fills up my cup in a different way. 

2. How has your upbringing impacted what you do for a living now?

As a child, my mom practiced what I call “kitchen medicine.” It wasn’t uncommon for her to mix turmeric and honey for a sore throat or toast up some ajwain (carom) seeds for a dry cough. She used and passed on the remedies that her mother and grandmother taught her. For most of my life, I didn’t see how unusual this was. It wasn’t until my mom returned to India to study Ayurveda that I realized how special this knowledge was. That is where my love of natural and integrative medicine was born. 

3. You offer holistic care for kids and families. Can you share some of your top tips for raising healthy kids?

I love working with parents and children because I truly believe that if you build a healthy foundation in childhood, you are doing the best thing possible for your children.

One of the best ways to do that is through modeling and hands-on interaction. We love cooking together because it’s a great way to introduce new foods, textures and flavors to your child. We will go grocery shopping and pick out a new vegetable to try, or we will find a new recipe to make together. It takes a bit longer when you’re cooking with a little one, but it’s also teaching your child a life skill that they need.

It’s also nice to be active together! My son sees me on my Peloton bike regularly and we do yoga together every week. To him, these behaviors are normal and I believe that gives him the best start to a long and healthy life. 

4. What does bedtime in your household look like?

Since my daughter turned one, we have started having more of a routine with bedtime that includes both kids. It usually includes a bath, comfy pajamas and a story. It’s all focused on winding down. We love using Kiss Kiss Goodnight as part of our routine because of how soothing it is. Of course, it doesn’t always go as planned, but on a good night, this is what we do!

5. What is something you look forward to do when the pandemic is over? 

I look forward to being with my friends and family again. I’ve had contact with immediate family over the last year but haven’t seen any of my extended family. My daughter was born in May of 2020 so it’s been a really long first year without the support that you usually have from friends and family during the postpartum period. I can’t wait for everyone to meet her and to finally hug my nani (grandmother) again!

You can follow Dr. Pragati on Instagram @happyandwell, contact her practice Happy and Well and shop her house dresses at Nesara.

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