Moms We Love: Serein Wu

Moms We Love: Serein of @sereinwu

For this instalment of our Moms We Love series, we are excited to be chatting with multi-hyphenate Serein Wu @sereinwu: wife, mom, digital content creator, certified nutritionist (and once-upon-an-actress!). She shares with us what got her into starting a YouTube channel, postpartum recovery tips, her biggest inspiration and more.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a content creator who’s been creating for almost 8 years now. It all began with my blog, followed by my main beauty channel and now a second channel documenting my pregnancy, journey into motherhood, and lifestyle.

Depression led me to making videos online as an outlet and place to find a community, and it has turned into my dream profession I didn’t know existed. After years of struggling with my health and relationship with food, I became a certified nutritionist through Precision Nutrition.

2. You describe yourself in your Instagram bio as “your wellness & fitness hypewoman” (love that!). Since you’re a new mom, can you share with us some tips for postpartum recovery?

ASK FOR HELP! Many of us, me included won’t ask for help before it gets overwhelming. If someone offers or asks what they can do, truly tell them. This includes tasks as simple as “Can you pick up my grocery order and take out the trash?”. People who want to help will! Sometimes they just don’t know how. 

Eat nutrient dense foods and rest! It seems counterproductive to tell a new mom to rest and send them home with a newborn baby, but it is so important. Most cultures outside of the U.S. have postpartum recovery traditions that last anywhere from 30 days to 3 months. In most of these traditions, women from the community take care of the mom and home so that the mom can recover properly and focus on bonding with the baby. Childbirth is emotionally and physically intense and unlike anything else. You must plan for recovery. Having a meal train set up and lots of prepared frozen meals for the first month is crucial. 

My delivery was very difficult, traumatic, and ended in an emergency c-section. I was completely unprepared for the recovery I needed, down to the underwear I bought for postpartum! Nothing went as planned, but I was so grateful for the frozen meal and the meal train we had. What you eat will affect your recovery and milk supply if you are breastfeeding, so make sure to have lots of nutrient dense meals as well as comfort foods to help your recovery. 

3. You create Beauty ASMR videos on YouTube with gentle whispers and facial sounds. How did you get into that and why did you decide to create this content?

Part of the perks of having a beauty channel is that I am invited to experience different treatments. During one of these treatments I was vlogging and it ended up being one of my most popular videos, so I kept sharing the facial treatments I’d experienced.

My facial videos would always have comments about wanting the original facial sounds and also how my voice was soothing, but when you turn off the spa music during treatments it is actually very noisy and not relaxing at all! A friend of mine actually encouraged me to do my own facial treatments to control the sounds and make ASMR facial videos using my friends as models. I felt silly at first, but realized how much my ASMR videos helped people de-stress or fall asleep (two things that are so important in life) so I keep making them.

Moms We Love: Serein Wu of @sereinwu

4. Who is your biggest inspiration in life and why?

My mom. She was insanely positive and resilient. Only now am I realizing how much she probably endured, but always with a smile and always surviving and thriving. I wish I could talk to her now and ask her more about her journey because she never really talked much about her past. Another thing that I admire, she always lived in the present and for the future. To her the past was in the past. She seemed to experience it, learn, and move on.

5. What does bedtime in your household look like?

We start our evening at 5pm. This is when my husband Chris and I stop work and focus on our daughter Lilian. We are usually in the living room playing together or watching her play. Around 6pm we start dinner for Lilian, some nights we also eat with her. After dinner Chris will take her upstairs for a bottle while I clean up. At 6:45 we have bath time. After bath time I take Lilian to her room and apply her skincare and a light massage before getting her dressed for bed. Once she’s dressed, I hand her off to Chris and he’ll cuddle her till she’s sleepy and ready for her crib.

6. What is one thing you have learnt from the pandemic?

Community is so important in and for life. Personally I feel we’ve become detached from a sense of community that it’s hurting us all. Mothers especially need a community to thrive.

It’s been one of the hardest things becoming a mom during a pandemic and not meeting other moms in real life. We need communities of people to support each other. Social media has been great, but nothing can replace in person human to human engagement. This is something I’m going to work on for myself and my family once it’s safe to.

Moms We Love: Serein Wu of @sereinwu

You can follow Serein on Instagram @sereinwu, read her epynomous blog Serein Wu and YouTube Channel.

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